NRA silence still deafening

I have been keeping an eye on the National Rifle Association’s reaction to the Blacksburg shootings. Over the past few days I’ve been regularly visiting the NRA website expecting that the organisation that claims to speak for America’s gun-owners would have some measured response to the murder of 32 people by a deranged shooter with several powerful handguns and a sh!tload of ammo.
Here’s the statement that they first posted four days ago.

The National Rifle Association joins the entire country in expressing our deepest condolences to the families of Virginia Tech and everyone else affected by this horrible tragedy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families.

We will not have further comment until all the facts are known.

Excuse me, but we know the facts. A mentally-ill young man armed with legally purchased weapons killed 32 people and then shot himself. What have the powerful representative’s of America’s gun-owning public got to say about this. It seems, to use an Antipodean colloquialism “Bugger All!”
Hiding behind “until all the facts are known” is cowardice in the extreme. As of today the NRA’s ridiculous non-statement has not been updated in any way.
These bloodthirsty nutters should shut themselves down and apologise to the world for their despicable silence.

Guns don’t kill people, gun-owners do!

My challenge to NRA President Sandra S. Froman is for her to use her President’s Column to respond to this incident in the measured tones she’s so apparently fond of. This is a small grab from what’s live on Froman’s column at the NRA site as of today (Saturday 21 April 2007):

The challenge is getting the message out. The mainstream media doesn’t give us a fair shake, and it costs a great deal of money to go on television or radio. Every dollar we spend on those media outlets is one less dollar available for our members’ shooting, hunting and gun safety programs. NRA has always been able to do a lot with a little and wise use of our resources is always part of the equation.

How can she say that the mainstream media isn’t interested in the NRA’s views, what crap. The whole world wants to know what you think about this Sandra. Hell, you can come here and have a whole page to yourself, uncensored. For the sake of the victims, say something.
And I really like the priorities expressed here:
shooting, hunting and gun safety
Nice one Prez! Not!!

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