the dialectic of press freedom #2

Media urged to help State – Fiji Times Online

In this piece from the Fiji Times Online, a USP academic calls on the Fijian media to ‘help’ the government repair its damaged image with the Fijian people.

Dr Steven Ratuva’s speech on World Media Freedom Day was an argument for cooperation between Fiji’s embattled media and the coup leaders. A dangerous suggestion in my view. Here’s an excerpt:

“Media can be agent of progress, of stability, also peace building,” he said.

He said Fiji was moving to the next and perhaps the last stage of the coup.

“It is to do with re-democratisation,” he said.

“It’s very important that all these three stakeholders (the media, the state and the citizens of the country) and interests begin converging and provide that broader dialogues we move towards elections and we move towards the future.”


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