Sydney Airport Security Whistleblower

A former customs official, Allan Kessing, has received a nine month suspended jail term for actions related to leaking documents on Sydney Airport security. He leaked two classified reports to the Australian newspaper which contained allegations of drug trafficking and other crimes by staff at Sydney Airport . The reports also raised concerns about the effectiveness of anti-terrorism security at Australian airports.

Following the publication of information on the reports, the Federal Government announced an inquiry into crime and security at Australian airports. The inquiry, carried out by Sir John Wheeler, led to significant upgrades of security at airports.

Writing in Crikey on the 24 May this year, Margaret Simons called the prosecution of Kessing a national disgrace. She’s right. Here’s a grab:

As reported in Crikey previously Kessing should probably be given a medal rather than the prison sentence he now faces after having been convicted of leaking details of breaches of security at Sydney airport.

You can download a transcript of Allan’s interview with the ABC’s Law Report, it makes for interesting reading. Here’s a taster:

Damien Carrick: I spoke to Allan Kessing yesterday. He tells me this is his first broadcast interview. He says he’s not looking forward to the prospect of going to jail.

Allan Kessing: Well obviously it’s rather shocking; I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, and I’m very surprised it would come to this.

Damien Carrick: Now I understand you’ve always claimed that you’re not guilty of disclosing anything. Let’s talk a little bit about what the jury did find you guilty of. Some years ago you worked for the Customs airport security unit, and you wrote a report about airport security; what did you find?

Allan Kessing: Well I wrote two reports. One focused on a specific group and the other took a random sample of people in all the areas behind what is called the sterile area, that is, areas to which the public do not have access. I can’t actually say what I found, except what was in the papers, because that would constitute another offence; this is how draconian the law is. I can’t talk about anything that I learned during my employment as a Customs officer.

Damien Carrick: Well I understand the report talked about the employment of baggage handlers with criminal records; theft of luggage; drug trafficking; a whole range of breaches of security.

Allan Kessing: Yes, this is correct.

Damien Carrick: And what did the Department do? As I understand it, the Department effectively sat on your report. They didn’t even show it to the Federal government, is that right?

Allan Kessing: That’s correct. In fact it did not get out of Sydney Airport. They didn’t even show it to their superiors in Canberra, as was evidenced by the procession of senior managers who came at my trial. A half a dozen of them all swore on oath that they were unaware of the existence of the reports until the media leaks. You know, 30 months after they were written.

Whsistleblower legislation is supposed to protect people like Allan Kessing, I’d hate to see what might happen if it didn’t exist.

One Response to Sydney Airport Security Whistleblower

  1. Austin Price says:

    I find all of this very disturbing considering that there is no real protection for the brave folks on the front lines of our national security (federal government employees – Border Patrol, Customs, TSA). We are hoping that the House Judiciary Committee will at least look at cases like “BorderGate” where the government is actually crossing way over the line, and abusing the criminal justice system to SILENCE WHISTLEBLOWERS! Wrongfully jailed Whistleblowers like John Carman, and others, have no prayer for justice with INJUSTICE like this. Where is the “main stream” media in all of this??? They use to be the ultimate check and balance for our Government. Now, sadly, they are not. Our only hope is for organizations like the Government Accountability Project (GAP), The Project on Government Oversite (POGO), the No Fear Coalition and The Patrick Henry Center – all Whistleblower protection / government watchdog organizations, to become as strong as the government entities that they are watching. Currently the Whistleblower Protection Act (also known as the Akaka Bill, after Senator Akaka) sits idle at the Senate. Further, the No Fear Act two (2), additional much needed Whistleblower legislation, is currently waging it’s war to get passed Congress. This is, now more reason than ever, exactly why this legislation MUST BE PASSED! If this was in place now, there would be no need to hide in the shadows in order to speak truth to power. What we all need to do is to help these brave organizations get these bills passed, and subsequent future legislation to stop this kind of obvious retaliation and attempts to silence the very folks we need to be SUPPORTING! Alone we accomplish nothing. We need to LOCK ARMS with these organizations and speak with one loud clear voice – in the words of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    Austin Price, Attorney for
    Darlene Fitzgerald
    National Security Whistleblower &
    Author: “BorderGate, the story the government doesn’t want you to read.”

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