Mike Steketee – why is he still at The Australian?

In a column today, The Australian‘s political correspondent and columnist, Mike Steketee, takes a look at the civil liberties implications of the arrest, detention and charging of Dr Mohamed Haneef with terrorism-related offences. Dr Haneef is charged with “recklessly” giving a mobile phone SIM card to his cousin who then might have used it in a terror plot in the UK.

Here’s a taste of what Steketee had to say:

The High Court has ruled that people can be detained indefinitely under the immigration laws and it could take years for the courts to deal with the charge against Haneef.

That emphasises how far this Government is prepared to go to debauch the independent legal process: the one, by the way, we are fighting to preserve in the war against terrorists.

This is basically right, but I’m sure it’s not sitting very well with The Australian‘s editorial masters. Steketee is the conscience of the paper. Of course, all the good work that he does in putting a sane and sensible position is undone when you see the type of illustration that the paper uses to support the column.

The Australian's image of Dr Haneef


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