Real world of journalism – Perspectives – The Press

Real world of journalism – Perspectives – The Press

Take this link if you want to see what all the “fuss” is about. A few posts ago I mentioned the Journalism Matters conference recently held in Wellington and the response from the Dominion Post/Press [Christchurch] columnist Karl Du Fresne. My response was published today in The Press. It is this that led Trevor Louden to me and the blog he loaded up earlier today too (linked in an earlier post here).

If Louden’s ignorant slather is supposed to shut me up, or intimidate me (which is how these thugs work), he needs to know that I am not afraid. In fact, it’s interesting that what I wrote has caused him to froth at the mouth. Du Fresne had a similar reaction during our initial meeting in Wellington.

Why are these conservative types so scared of Marxists like me? Is it because I have a reputation for sneaking into homes and eating children? I don’t think so. Rather, it’s because they can’t address or refute the logic of materialism, and so they have to get down and dirty — attack rants are easier to digest than formal, considered arguments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Martin
    Congratulations for getting on Louden’s scoreboard. A sure sign you have arrived! Let alone being noticed by David ‘fatty’ Farrer, the Billy Bunter of the NZ political blogosphere, and his tame pack of toothless puppies. If you’re really lucky you might get one of Dad4justice’s surreal little free verse emails that make ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ read like ‘See Spot run’. The likes of Du Fresne and Louden are just sad really. I think ‘thugs’ grants them more clout than they possess. As Macauley said of J S Mill and associates; ‘Smatterers, whose attainments just suffice to obviate them from the insignificance of dunces to the dignity of bores.’ Kind of sums up most NZ political blogging especially the ever outraged ‘Angry brigades’ of the right.

    Peter Hoar

  2. […] I know, I did point this out to Karl several months ago, here, here, and here too; so I won’t re-hash those arguments. Suffice to say everyone, including Karl, […]

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