Rathergate – not yet over

Rather Sues CBS Over Exit – WSJ.com

Former CBS news anchor and the ‘grand old man’ of American journalism (at least since Walter Cronkite) is suing his former employer over his 2005 dismissal after he ran a story about George W Bush’s national guard service that proved to be false.

Rather was caught out by bloggers who were able to show that the documents Rather relied on in the story had been faked. At the time it was widely reported as the ‘death of the anchor’.

Now rather is suing CBS for $70 million. A long shot perhaps and also maybe too late to repair the damage to his reputation.

The whole episode became known as Rathergate and was a boon to the right wing bloggers and others who constantly (and wrongly) complain about ‘liberal’ bias in the news media.

it’s only fair and balanced that I provide readers with an antidote to this messaniac rambling of ‘liberal’ bias. You could do a lot worse than read some of the writings of Eric Alterman, an English professor at City University of New York, ex-journo and columnist for some respected US publications.


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