Neglecting the blog

Dear reader, it’s been a while; I’m sorry. Seriously, I have been way too busy to bother with a blog entry for quite some time.
Lots has happened, some of it quite central to my concerns about journalism and ethics. There’s been some martinis drunk too. Last night for instance the old “one martini too far”.
I suffered today, but feeling better now that I’m home.

The busy part of the year is over for me, now I just have to get started on the book manuscript “Journalism in the age of YouTube”. Over the next few weeks I will not be so negligent. I will attend to the blog every day and post religiously (as only a level 7 aetheist can).

Meanwhile, it’s spring here and the weather’s improving. So much so that before too long I’ll be jumping into the blue Pacific and shedding my winter fat (he said hopefully).

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