Do I need a SecondLife?

I’ve been thinking about some of the research I need to do to write the book I’m doing at the moment. For instance, can I monetize my students’ clickstream?

I had an interesting conversation with someone about that today and the possibilities are intriguing, though the logistics are difficult. Can I really make them work for nothing? No, not this EthicalMartini.

But, if we could share the spoils, or spoil the shareholders, then I’d be interested. I’ll come back to this later, but what I wanted to talk about this evening (it’s 7.14pm in Auckland and after a shi%%y day I’ve got a martini and a beautiful wife close by) is SecondLife.

I subscribe to Vanity Fair, for some time i’ve thought it to be one of the world’s best magazines, despite the luxe assh*le lifestyle it promotes through the advertising – all high-end clients selling a faux luxury lifestyle. Graydon Carter, the urbane-seeming editor is a Bush-hater. You gotta like that.The coverage of media by Michael Wolff and the Iraq stories (among others) are always worth a read and when the celeb gossip is about social xrays and rich$hits who f*ck and frag each other, it’s worth a few laughs.

The online version of VF, which I get in my Google Reader through RSS feed, is carrying an interesting piece about virtual torture chambers at SecondLife. I can’t help thinking this is some new kind of kink, but hey: “Don’t throw stones,” I say. It’s a short-ish piece, but basically there’s a virtual guantanamo in there and you can experience waterboarding and so on. If it builds empathy for the wrongly incarcerated, I’m all for it, but wouldn’t the real thing be more visceral? Read the piece and see for yourself.

So, here’s a question: Can EthicalMartini make a SecondLife. The truth is I don’t need it. My life is pretty full of reasonably good stuff – I’d say “nice”, but people seem to think I’m dissing with my “nice”. I don’t need to escape my humdrum, ’cause it ain’t. I’m happy and fulfilled, busy and relatively well-liked. But you know, as they say in all kinds of usefully artistic circumstances: “It’s research.”

And it is. I want to visit the Reuters’ bureau and now I can. I want to check-out the empire–building that’s going on there – funny how “utopias” often suck big time.

So look me up. EthicalMartini is a furry avatar – for research purposes. I am not in SecondLife to pick up or perv, strictly business.

If we meet up in there, say “Hi”, buy me a virtual drink, I’ll return the favour when I work out how to scam some Linden dollars. BTW: if you want to shout me an upgrade – purely for research purposes of course, you can virtually crash at mine, anytime.

Look for me in a bar: EthicalMartini Mariasz i s my (not)name and research is my game.

BTW: what’s with the imposed and very limited choice of family name, that sucks really big time. I’m already inclined to be pissed off.

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