“Deradicalisation”: What the fcUK is this about?

I’ve got no idea how this is going to work, it seems like the most bizarre and twisted form of social engineering to me.

A nationwide “deradicalisation” programme is being developed to tackle people who have been drawn into Islamist violent extremism in Britain, the government will reveal today.

This is from The Guardian, but what the fcuk is the British government up to?
I can’t help but have a very sad laugh at this effort.

“Nationally we are developing a UK deradicalisation programme,” says the government’s new strategy document on preventing violent extremism published today.

What does this mean? It seems, from the Guardian report it means a whole new era of racial and religious profiling right across the UK.

The document publicly confirms for the first time an attempt within Whitehall to map the country by the religious denominational background of the population, to better understand where radicalisation is taking place. However, last month’s attempted bomb attack in Exeter, which does not have a significant Muslim population, demonstrates the limits of this approach.

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