“Harper, bring me a bucket of Domestic.”

My first feeble vidblog.

One has to move with the times,” that’s what I always tell Harper my manservant.

“Harper,” I say, it’s happy hour, bring me a bucket of Domestic and my laptop. I feel a missive coming on.”

Welcome to “Happy Hour”

4 Responses to “Harper, bring me a bucket of Domestic.”

  1. Seriously, Billy tells me that it’s YouTube’s fault that the audio/video synch is out.

  2. truthseekernz says:

    My Microsoft web cam can’t keep sound and video in sync unless I either use a separate microphone via the external mic jack on the laptop, or process the webcam output file through Windows Movie Maker FIRST…..then upload it.

    If I record the video using the webcam and the mic in the web cam, then upload the WMV file that results, the sound is always out of sync. But feeding that WMV file through Windows Movie maker FIRST somehow fixes it and they are in sync.

    If you’re on Mac….I have no idea, but similar issues may be at play.

    If you are doing live capture…..try not doing that and edit / process the vid first then upload.

  3. medusa says:

    Congratulations, you are officially a techno expert, lol!
    Reasonable success first up & look forward to more interesting & informative snipets…happy “Happy Hour”!!


  4. […] A frequent topic in their discussions is the martini glass. I feel that I’ve now made an important transition in my own quest for the perfect martini – a new glass in which I can enjoy the Domestic. […]

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