Facestat – evil is as evil does

I admit it, I’ve been slutting away on Facestat to get enough points to load up some faces. I really want to see what the Facestaters think of some of my dead friends.

I’m keeping it to dead friends because you have to keep this evil stuff well away from fleshlife.

For the past half-hour I’ve been rating people, but I couldn’t actually see their faces – for some reason they’re not loading.

Never mind. The questions are inane and if you really want me to judge your sexual appetite from a picture [the choices are “frigid” to “whore”], then you really don’t care.

So, I had some fun.

For example, Ricky is asking me to judge his political orientation; the type of music he listens to and his level of intelligence.

Well, for a start, Ricky, if you take this shit seriously, then you are obviously a “doofus”. I don’t care about your politics and since I can’t see your picture and so don’t know what type of haircut you have (or even if you’re male or female) how can I guess what sort of music you listen to.

[Ahhh, so Ethical Martini is into stereotypes – haircut = music choice. DAMN RIGHT, don’t go all PC on me, play the game here.]

The temptation is to click on the most hurtful combination of choices that you have. Some game Facestat afficionados even allow you to describe them in “one word”. The desire to put “Idiot” every time is overwhelming. I must take a break.

Actually, I can’t stop. Natasha wants me to judge how “wasted” she is, and her dress size!

Oh my God girl, you’re giving me this power?

OK. So, from Auckland [without the benefit of being able to actually see your photo] you look: “dead sober” and your dress size is “45”. That got me three points towards being able to upload another face from my “dead friends” selection.

I have to keep going. IGBTYS EM

3 Responses to Facestat – evil is as evil does

  1. Medusa says:

    This is taking “judging the book by its cover” a little too literally?? How sad that people feel the need to do this stuff, can’t be good for one’s self esteem but I guess if you are willing to put your face out there, then do so at your own risk!

    If it wasn’t so tragic I would check it out, but I don’t need to now as you are on our behalf, thanks EM for the entertainment.

  2. Lola says:

    If you don’t care, why are you there ?

    Sounds a bit stupid to me.

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