ONE News interesting coverage of Tony Veitch

So the Radio Network has suspended Tony Veitch, pending an internal inquiry and the police have announced there own investigation. The doors are slamming shut on Veitch’s career.

An interesting result on a New Zealand Herald online readers’ poll today. It’s split 50-50 on whether or not Tony Veitch should keep his job at TVNZ.

I haven’t seen tonight’s news on TV One yet, but last night (Tuesday) the coverage on his own network was pretty negative.

TVOne’s coverage of the Tony Veitch media scrum yesterday is interesting. I don’t usually read tea leaves, but the tone of the coverage and the third person way that TVOne reporter Lisa Owen talks about TVNZ management seems to indicate Tony’s already been cut loose – at least by some of his former colleagues. There’s no super on the talking head and apologies I don’t recognise her, but there’s no love here for Veitchy.

It ain’t looking good.

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