this is real, or “what the?”

A friend of mine swears this is true. I have no reason to dispute the facts or the interpretation. One for the “What the?” file.

His laptop was stolen and when he got it back this is the story.

A stolen laptop, a whole bucket of badass. An interesting “money shot”.

Here are some of the pics we found on the laptop. I know I made the last entry friends-only, but fuck it. If you missed that one, sign in to get the story, and then check these out. I’ve shrunk the pics to make it easy on your bandwidth – 17 pics, each about 20k. This right here is Mr I-Tattooed-My-Chest-With-Guns’ Facebook page… It’s open to anyone, so if you sign in, you can see how much of a loser this fuck is.

I’m not going to write his name here, lest he knows how to use Google.

I’ve deleted the ten shots from this set that would implicate other people, including the last two pics…they relate to someone in the news – who should perhaps be more discrete – and who’s apparently been leaving messages on this guy’s Facebook recently.

But is it real? Not for me to say. There are several pages attributed to the same or similar nom-de-facebook. You can sort that out for yourself.

XXX wrote
at 5:51am on July 5th, 2008
hey hun allgood buzi that your dwn there,when do u get back,yeah we should catch up for a coffe,or ken bar on anzac is mean for dinner.let me knw. X
According to my pal, the dude who took the computer and who features in the pics (deleted) has been arrested for something or other, but not necessarily for the theft of the laptop.

4 Responses to this is real, or “what the?”

  1. Imogen says:

    I tried to find the facebook profile but no luck – either hoax or he has seen it and done something about removing it – possibly not though given the above pics…?

  2. underground says:

    Are you sure the link is right. When I clicked it, I was taken to the page you get when you sign in yourself, not someones profile. But hey, I probably did it wrong, you know how average I am with technology!

  3. Imogen says:

    No that’s exactly what I got underground… which is the biggest carrot because now I really want to know!

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