Bare naked ladies – Steve Page is a bad boy

Another high-profile and totally unexpected self-destruction. One of my favourite musicians, Steve Page of BNL, has been busted on drug charges in New York.

Moac and I are devestated. If Pagey goes to gaol for 15 years there’ll be no more BNL.

Even worse for kiddy-fans, the band has cancelled a gig it was going to do at the Disney Music Block Party in a couple of weeks.

The gory details at “Dish Rag“, the LA Times gossip blogl

4 Responses to Bare naked ladies – Steve Page is a bad boy

  1. nerida says:

    OH NO! *SIGH* Iconic Gen X ers seem to let themselves down later on in life after 30 years of getting away with it. Is that they just get complacent or are they having premature senior’s moments? No drugs and rock and roll? I hope he’s still got sex.

  2. Dave says:

    gaol? Seriously??? JAIL!

  3. […] speculation when Page left BNL was that it had something to do with his cocaine bust in […]

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