Gopalan Nair and Peter Lloyd – update, no release

The troublesome [to the Singapore government] Mr Gopalan Nair is in all sorts of trouble. He is not allowed to leave Singapore.

Neither is Australian journalist, Peter Lloyd

Mr Nair is a citizen of the United States, but he has been denied the return of his passport. His lawyer has withdrawn from the case and Mr Nair’s future is in limbo.

Bad news.  Another day in court

Meanwhile, Peter Lloyd is facing drug importation charges, and he’s not going anywhere soon. In Singapore drug offences carry heavy penalties.

Unfortunately for Mr Nair and Mr  Lloyd, “justice” in Singapore grinds along slowly.

Gopalan’s US passport is being kept from him and Peter Lloyd is in Changi prison with an eye infection. This is not good for either of them.

Meanwhile Cameron to meed Lloyd and the Australian foreign minister says “Oh well”

I wish both men the best of luck. If you’re not across these stories, backtrack:

Tight chain

Self destruct

One Response to Gopalan Nair and Peter Lloyd – update, no release

  1. Medusa says:

    Some Australian media are making noise about Peter Lloyd’s publicly funded employer providing him with “a level of support” others would not normally receive in his situation & how this may be perceived as an “unfair” advantage.

    I’d suggest Mr Lloyd didn’t expect to get caught (if he is guilty) and just happens to work for huge public braodcaster; the risks of being a journalist are very high these days.

    and the rattan cane sounds nasty punishment, pays not to be bad!

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