The process and the pundits: Tony Veitch arrested

This could well be my last post on Tony Veitch for some time. He was charged this afternoon (Monday) on six counts of assault and one of ‘reckless disregard’. According to his lawyers Mr Veitch will strenuously defend himself. His first court appearance is likely to be Monday next week.

This is my likely last post because, as of about now, the sub judice rule kicks in. According to my media law bible: “one should not say or do anything that might create a real risk of prejudice to a fair trial”. (Burrows & Cheer, 2005,p.387)

So, I guess it’s lucky that the PR flacks got in over the last couple of weeks to get the ‘poor Tony’ spin into the news cycle. We can now all google that stuff till the cows come home; it predates the charges so is not technically within the period of sub judice.

This post is, so I’m going to be careful and brief; when a matter is before a court (literally sub judice = under a judge) anything that prejudices the trial, or brings the process into disrepute is contempt of court.

If the trial is before a jury there is the constant fear of prejudice – jurors and potential jurors being influenced by pre-trial publicity. The question, according to B&C is therefore: “How great is the risk that this publication might influence the jurors (or witnesses)?”

This question cannot be easily answered; there’s no scientific measure of ‘influence’ over a jury. However, we can say that in this case there’s been a lack of balancing information recently.

  1. We have the allegations being canvassed high and low – how many kicks and punches, etc; was Ms Dunne-Powell’s back broken or not?
  2. We knew it was serious when Tony’s pals began to move quietly to the back of the room.
  3. We know that Mr Veitch resigned from his high-paid jobs when the story refused to go away.
  4. We know that Mr Veitch is not really like that and we know that Kristin Dunne-Powell is, at least, accused of stalking by Veitch’s supporters.
  5. We can surmise that a certain Mr Holmes might be called as a character witness.

All of that is hearsay and it’s now in the public domain thanks to the media’s close attention to the case.

But that’s all we know. The speculation will now have to stop in the news and in the blogosphere.

The End of Part 1.

5 Responses to The process and the pundits: Tony Veitch arrested

  1. Lita says:

    Somehow seems unfair doesn’t it, last word was Mrs Veitch defending her husband by implying Dunne-Powell was a bunny boiler. Tony has now said how he looks forward to telling his side of the story, aloha … he’s had 3 interviews and 1 lickass piece from Holmes to say it in so far!

    BTW, isn’t it interesting that both of the msm weekend articles courtesy of Zoe oh-noey Veitch were headlined with “We’ll fight to bitter end” and “Veitch’s wife strikes back” ? Tad violent, non?

  2. fooxie says:

    Basically, Tony Veitch has shown kiwi men and the world as a whole that in some situations it is OK to beat your spouse/wife/partner to a pulp – break her friggin’ back, shatter her spine, kick her while on the ground, put her in a wheel chair and respond with “well i had a lot of stress on my plate, it was a difficult time for me” and a small miniscule payout (100k is nothing in exchange for a broken back) and be on your way.

    I saw that Zoe, his knuckleheaded, brainless bimbo of a wife, defended him – do you think he threatened her with the belt or hammer in order to coerce her to defend him. Do you think she defended him out of fear for his backhand? Why not? The scumbag has done it before why not do it again?

    Oh and lest you think we are jumping to conclusions – didnt he actually admit beating her to a pulp? I guess she must have asked for it right?

    Let’s hope that fry this mofo. Society should NOT allow the torture of a female trapped inside his home. There is no excuse – this should be punished to the fullest extent of the law – or else the law has become a boner to slap at and giggle about but not to take seriously.

    The people have spoken – put him in jail and forget about him.

  3. Medusa says:

    Thank you for your explanation of sub judice, don’t want to give Veitch anymore excuses for escaping the wrath of the courts.

    Let justice be done!

  4. […] – dancing to Zoe’s beat? I wrote last week that I’d probably have little to say about the Tony Veitch case now that it’s before the court. I also wondered if the news media […]

  5. Lily says:

    Tony veitch is lucky he is a white celebrity, and is married to a millionaires daughter and after all the evidence has been disclosed still has Paul Holmes willing to give him a character reference. I know that if he was the normal Joe Blow on the street , part maori, tattoos and this same situation had occurred Paul Holme and Tony Veitch would be asking for him to put put behind bars. Some may say oh but he paid her hush money???? 100 k hardly enough for breaking her back in 4 places and even then she had to beg for the payment … loss of earnings. hospital bills in America he would expect to pay over a million dollars or more for 7 counts of assault and breaking her back. So Mr Veitch still sleeping with your wife…. with a jury to decide your fate is not what other countries would give you. Like rape laws Mr Veitch you had no right to assault her there are other ways to deal with conflict breaking is not one of them. You may fool some people, but not me or my contemporaries. Tony I have worked with rapists and violent men in prison you are no different to them you are a man filled with rage behind that smile…. you need help and a spell in prison would not hurt you at all.
    You should pay dearly for how you treated Kristin, the same law that applies to that every day Maori/ European on the street Mr Veitch should in all fairness apply to you.

    Lets hope that the rights of woman can be upheld in our courts .. Zoe well she can say all she likes she is not the one with a broken back ala Tony if she was she would be having her day in court as well … the stalking issues Tony could have reported her to the police like any other citizens would have. The size of the hush money is laughable IMO

    Good Luck Kristin all power to you 🙂 Lily

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