LA Martini – Hollywood really does suck

So Sunday’s been and gone on your side of the dateline. Here it’s nearly 11pm.

I went out to Hollywood on the Metro this afternoon. What a disappointment. Not sure what I was looking for, but it was pretty ordinary. I got off the train at Hollywood and Vine (what a romantic spot), but it was dirty, rundown and full of cheap suits.

The famous Hollywood and Vine corner - cheap suit anyone?

The famous Hollywood and Vine corner - cheap suit anyone?

You know for $US 49.95 you can buy a suit and then get your photo taken next to one of those stars in the pavement – the “walk of fame” or some such.

I’m enjoying the Bonaventure hotel, but haven’t yet made my mind up about it’s postmodern credentials. (More on that later).

But the Martinis are supersized, and they come with sides.  This one was at least a double and it had some tapas on a plate and a glass of water.

LA Martini - with sides

LA Martini - with sides

9 Responses to LA Martini – Hollywood really does suck

  1. Lita says:

    Nice pic, impressive rays of godly sunshine pointing to the watery martini goodness on the table.

  2. Thanks Lita,
    btw: I got through customs at LAX really easily. And by “really easily” I mean that after I was fingerprinted and had my retina scanned for Face-recognition purposes as was only intrusively questioned for two minutes and then on my way with a “Have a nice day,” and a smile.
    Not like last time when my bag lock was busted and Tiffany and I were searched in St Louis. But I’ve got three more internal fights yet before I get to NYC, so we’ll see.

  3. Lita says:

    Wow!! Only fingerprinted and retina scanned? What an easy skip through. It sounds like they have ramped up security since I last travelled. Is it too much to ask you to do the fanta test? Come on, it’s not like I’m asking you to smuggle nail scissors.

  4. Lita, no need, had a bottle of water just 20 minutes ago at LAX on my way to St Louis.
    It was in my camera bag, totally forgotten. They took it off me.
    Does that qualify as a fanta test?
    BTW: I had to take my shoes, watch and belt off this time and a TSA official scanned my passport with something that looked like a sonic screwdriver.

    If that doen’t satisfy, give me some details on the fanta test, I’m flying again next Sunday.

  5. […] miles of the Bonaventure hotel. Resistance doesn’t really begin until you get to places like Hollywood and Vine. Even there the resistance is visceral rather than intellectual. Of course on the southside of the […]

  6. Lita says:

    Jeesh, the sonic screwdriver scan?! They mean business. Lucky you weren’t wearing your chainmail undies, they’d have had to come off also.

    The fanta test is less colourful with water, but, yip, tis much of a muchness.

  7. OK, so we’ve done that one. I forgot to mention that my bag was also opened. Last time I came into the US they chopped of my padlock, so I learned my lesson and bought a lock that the TSA can open. Yep, they did… and put a nice note in the case saying they’d had a peek at my shit, for my own safety.

    I can only wonder about the security of a lock that the biggest bully on the block has a key too. How does that keep me safe?

    Only in America? Let’s hope so.

  8. Medusa says:

    My mate took a work trip across the US a few years ago, 31 internal flights in 3 weeks. He had specific security passes as he was carrying some defence materials which required prior approval to take into the US. Even with his official clearance, he tired very quickly of the airport/security staff being invasive and rude even when it was obvious he had nothing to hide…we sympathise EM.

    My son recently returned from UK, his bags were held at Customs in Oz, searched, they removed any remnants of dirt from shoes (nice of them I thought, lol) and left brochures in his bags pointing out what they had done. At least everything was still there when he received them and I guess we don’t want any mad cows in Oz, we have enough mad politicians currently.

    I too find it highly amusing they use the line it’s protecting your safety by searching your own bag but how nice of them to let you know!

  9. Bernadette says:

    I am interested in the photograph of the martini. I can,t tell what is in it. Wonderful picture. You said it was taken at the Bonaventure hotel. Can you tell me more about the drinks?

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