Epic 2015 – what’s beyond the horizon?

I was fortunate today to meet and interview Matt Thompson. He’s a journalist, blogger and thinker. He’s also the guy behind the wildly successful viral flash videos Epic 2014 and Epic 2015.

The premise of these 8.5 minute creations is to predict the future of the media in our digital world. They were both created a few years ago now and they tried to look ahead 10 years from when they were produced.

Epic 2014 was made in 2004, but a year later Matt decided it needed updating.

While I was in Columbia, Missouri at the Missouri School of Journalism 100th anniversary celebrations I met Matt and heard him talk about a new project. He calls it “Wikipedia-ing the news”, but admits the name doesn’t really capture what he’s doing.

Matt is a visiting fellow this year at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU that was also launched today.

I was able to grab a few minutes with Matt between his break-out session and the official launch where he and the other RJI fellows were announced.

I asked Matt why he had changed some of the content from Epic 2014 in the second version, a year later.

Not only that, I videoed the interview, did a rough edit and uploaded it to YouTube. Not bad for a 50-something digital native (and only about 10 years too late!).

I thought some of you might not have seen the Epic videos, so I’ve also linked to them.
I suggest you watch the first one (Epic 2014); then watch my video and then take a look at Epic 2015.
The differences are subtle, but they’re there.

4 Responses to Epic 2015 – what’s beyond the horizon?

  1. William says:

    Sounds like the taxi driver I’ve never met.

  2. William, you are a grade A dribblejaws, you know what to do with your stupid self.

  3. Medusa says:

    Now William is pissing me off too…I found the live person in your interview, Matt Thompson extremely engaging and his view of the future is quite interesting.

    Maybe William should actually watch the clips before commenting!

  4. blairensor says:

    Certainly very plausible, I think the time-line maybe even shorter. The I-Phone already gives location specific information. However, in my view there is always going to be a place in society for hard copies of information such as the Newspaper. Digital based media need to find a way of capturing advertising (which isn’t far off), then things will get interesting.

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