I made the US Government Watch List

I made it to the US Government Watch List, or as the nice woman at the BA check-in counter says: “The hit list”.

8 Responses to I made the US Government Watch List

  1. Medusa says:

    Wow, you’re right up there in the important stakes now EM…apart from what you may have “done” to get on the list, I don’t get why they are utilising their “hit list” information when you are leaving the country? As we all know big brother has been watching your every move since your arrival but it still makes no sense.

    Why weren’t they more concerned about your arrival in the US or do you think they are concerned you may be smuggling secrets out of the country?

    At least they provided a martini to soften the blow.

    Safe and uneventful trip/entry to UK, interesting to see if the alarm bells go off on entry to the UK, maybe you’re on the UK “hit list” too! That would make sense when they are so hand in hand with the US.

  2. Lita says:

    OMFG!!! What did I tell you?!? That’s it. I’m running with my psychic start-up idea now, foreshore.

    I feel kinda proud of you, too. Fuck them and their ‘hit list’ – they’ve watched too many of their own movies. Jeesh!

    The collection of “We sniffed your undies for bombs” tags make stunning materials for a sculpture of your security experiences from this trip.

    Like Medusa above, I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip, although I can’t wait to see what happens on entry to the UK. Buy more electric toothbrushes with long windy cables just to mess with their minds.

  3. Ah Lita, you’re priceless, et tu Medusa.

    I got through customs in London without a scratch. I even had to ask for a stamp in my passport.

    After that there wasn’t even a customs inspection, just straight out into the arrivals hall. The Brits appear to have a total disregard for their own security, Bless’em.

  4. Medusa says:

    How disappointing, thought they would jump on you on advice from big brother.

    We found the same thing last year and coincidentally we arrived at Heathrow on the morning immediately after the attacks at Glasgow Airport however security at Heathrow was very ordinary, we walked straight on through.


  5. William says:

    What’s with the earring?

  6. William, if you only come here to be insulting, don’t bother. My piercings are none of your business.

  7. kiwi hackademic says:

    Well, I’d be watching you too but probably for different reasons. It might be because the eye scanner was confused by the crystal residues left by juniper excess.

    Seriously though, thought I’d link to this for next week when we’re talking about surveillance society stuff. It does back up what we’ve been saying.

    Trust all is good and London barmen still know their stuff. KGB wants to know if you’ve been to the BBC yet!

  8. […] on my way out of the US in the first week of October 2008 – British Airways to London – I was told that my name had appeared on a US Government “watch […]

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