The beginning of the end of the ABC?

I’ve just seen this item from The Australian‘s media pages about the possible sacking of ABC programme maker Stephen Crittenden. Stephen’s treatment by the aging Aunty seems to be a bit harsh, even though as The Australian points out, he technically broke the rules. [Off air after outburst]

Apparently Stephen lost his rag over planned changes to the ABC’s high-brow Radio National line-up. Among the programmes that have been euphemistically ‘decomissioned’ by the ABC are Media Report and Radio Eye.

Personally, I think Stephen should be regarded as a hero whistleblower for speaking out. Despite denials from the ABC, the axing of serious information and documentary programmes does appear to be a ‘dumbing down’.

I’m particularly upset by the demise of the Media Report programme, it was one of the finest media critique shows I’ve ever heard from anywhere.

One Response to The beginning of the end of the ABC?

  1. Medusa says:

    I agree, I too am sadly disappointed in the ABC’s decisions to remove worthwhile programs & in this instance, vocal programmers, from their scheduling!

    What is happening to our most reliable provider where one could always go to see & hear what is believed to be reasonably fair & balanced views on things that matter.

    At least Stephen spoke his mind before they turned him off…I only hope he survives.

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