Catching up on the court reports

I’ve been away and while I was in London tended to neglect Ethical Martini. Now I’m home, I hope to regain my standing in the Tumeke! league table. I’ve slipped out of the top 100 and I’m not happy!

There’s work to do.

I thought I’d start by upping the number of fresh posts, so this is a little trite…However, onwards and upwards.

What a good boy: Steven Page

I reported a few months ago about the arrest of BnL frontman, Steven Page, on cocaine possession charges in New York. I love BnL (Bare Naked Ladies) and have been wondering what happened to Steven.

Seems he had a lucky escape. On October 28 (last year), Page was  alllowed to walk free after accepting a plea bargain and promising to “stay clean”. Good luck, in the heady world of global rockstardom the temptation to have one more sniff must be overpowering. Case closed.

There’s perhaps a little irony in “What a good boy”.

Blogger still in limbo

I’ve also been trying to find out what happened to the  lawyer and blogger Goplan Nair, who was arrested in Singapore and facing serious charges of criminal libel for injudicious comments about the Singapore judiciary. There’s no recent news coming up in a Google search, so I have written to Mr Nair to seek any further information that might be available. I’ll let you know if I get a response.

Nair did get to trial briefly around the time I left Aotearoa for Los Angeles. He pleaded innocent, but it seems the case is still pending. A report about that court appearance was carried as a brief item on AFP. Nair is still actively blogging, which probably means that the Singapore Dissident is back in the United States where he’s been living for sometime.

[January 15 update]

Goplan called me last night to say he’s back in California after serving time in jail. He was sent down in late September and released while I was in Paris. I think it was probably about the time I was at the top of the Eiffel Tower, taking in a glorious winter day bathed in French sunshine.

Here’s the email he sent in response to my inquiry.

Hello Martin,
Thanks for the Email. I served 2 months in a Signapore jail. I was sentenced to 3 but as usual a month was taken off for good conduct. I came back to California on Nov 26. There is a lot of write up about it in the Internent as well as my blog.
Thanks again
This link to Goplan’s blog details his detention in Changi prison.

Peter Lloyd in jail

The Australian ABC reporter Peter Lloyd pleaded guilty to drug charges in Singapore during a court appearance on 2 December last year. He was sentenced to 10 months in jail. It was a horrible end to a really bad period in Peter’s life, at least according to media reports.

Peter was arrested in July 2008 with methamphetamine and a drug pipe in his possession. The Land reported that he had split with his wife and come out as being gay in the months leading to his arrest. Why exactly that’s relevant I’m not sure, but it filled a couple of pars in The Land story. Interestly and in a shocking reversal of form, the tabloid Daily Telegraph left out the salacious details.

I wish Peter luck in surviving the notoriously awful Changi prison. It confirms my long-held belief that possession of drugs should be decriminalised. Clearly someone who’s addicted to ice needs help, not to rot on a prison cell.

Here endeth today’s court round-up.

6 Responses to Catching up on the court reports

  1. Medusa says:

    Thanks for bringing us up to speed…dare I ask, whatever happened with Tony Veitch or is that still a “no go” area?

    and lucky for you the BnL continue on, albeit a little straighter (maybe) than in the past

  2. Medusa, Tony Veitch continues to cause angst to his family. I think he’s feeling the strain mightily. A couple of times he’s wandered off and caused concern for wife and friends.
    As I understand it the court case is likely to be delayed longer, which means Tony is in legal limbo for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for asking, it’s not really “no go”, but the case is still sub-judice (literally “under a judge”), so media commentary has to be circumspect.
    Also, out of respect for Tony, I do not wish to canvass too much about his state of mind, etc.

  3. Medusa says:

    Thanks for the update EM, I appreciate the gravity of the issue and wish a speedy resolution for all concerned.

  4. Lita says:

    Any idea why the delay in Veitch’s case? Seems tres cruel to drag it out, for all parties involved.

  5. Lita, the heavy, bloody wheels of “justice” grind slowly and finely. I think Tony is the victim of the “system”, not a conspiracy, just the way it works.

  6. Medusa says:

    Well EM your hard writing, sorry work, should be starting to pay off and get you back up in the rankings. I note a touch of competitiveness in your opening para…good luck with onwards and upwards, thanks for all the excellent reading material.

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