Facebook and surveillance: “You can leave your hat on.”

The lesson here is when you’re committing a crime, no matter how hot it gets, keep your balaclava on.

Queenstown police nabbed a burglar after posting security camera images on the internet networking site Facebook of him trying to crack a safe.

Police said it was the country’s first such Facebook arrest and they would use the site again to fight crime.

“Facebook was very handy, and it’s a good little tool,” said Senior Sergeant John Fookes. [NZ Herald]

One Response to Facebook and surveillance: “You can leave your hat on.”

  1. Josh Gale says:

    Believe it or not, once, when I worked for ASB Bank, a notorious group of bank robbers, called the ‘screw driver’ gang (because they used screw drivers to open the day safes) robbed the branch I worked at. And in the excitement of the robbery, and perhaps for a bit of T.V. gangster fame, one of the guys removed his balaclave and revealed his moronic, thuggish face to the bank cameras – a foolish act which lead to the group’s arrest!

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