launch – A Kiwi in “Mizzourah”

While I was in Columbia, Missouri last September I met Charlotte Bellis, a young woman from Christchurch who’s doing a Masters degree in the Missouri School of Journalism.

Mizzou has an impressive set-up including state-of-the-art media labs.  Of course it helps to have deep pockets and wealthy benefactors. The Reynolds Journalism Institute was launched while I was there and I want one.

I also visited a start-up new media organisation with a difference,

Charlotte has been hired as the “face” of Newsy which promotes itself as “The News With More Views”. The central idea is to provide short video packages on the major news stories of the day, with some analysis built in.

Newsy is a sort of “media watch” / “commentary” that provides a summary and some background for busy people with a limited news window in their day.

Charlotte’s not the only Mizzou student working at Newsy, the project is integrated into the J School’s programme and reflects its commitment to convergence.

After some delays – Newsy originally hoped to launch in November 2008 – the site is now up and running.

I shot an interview with Charlotte and one of the founders. I’ll get those up onto EM in the next few days.

In the meantime check out this latest edition to online news delivery.

If you like this idea and can afford to kick in some dough, I’d love to hear from you.  I have keen students and the will to make it work, but no capital funds. - alive and kicking - alive and kicking

One Response to launch – A Kiwi in “Mizzourah”

  1. Medusa says:

    I like the fact you can access differing opinions in one place, so as they say, you can make up your own mind. To me it’s a better way to present news fairly, not under the influence of a particular leaning, you can get a taste of all opinions to sort out your own.

    While I think the idea is great and I will utilise the site frequently, sadly I don’t have any funds to provide.

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