Kiwiblog on the blink? Maybe it’s my spam bot!


So whatever it was, it’s over, the comments on this post are amusing. I still don’t know what happened, but I got this gibberish for about 4 hours.

This is actual. I have the full size screenshot, I’m happy to share it. I have no explanation.

Original post

Does anyone know if there’s a problem with David Farrer’s Kiwiblog this afternoon. We’ve been trying to access it for the past couple of hours and all we get is this page. It looks like wingdings script. We got through once, not from my machine, but when we clicked on the comments below David’s post about Mark Taylor it became garbled and then when we went back to the front page it was like this too.



9 Responses to Kiwiblog on the blink? Maybe it’s my spam bot!

  1. Kiwiblog seems to work for me…

    The problem might be at your end.

  2. Medusa says:

    I can access the story and comments re Mark Taylor and when I return to the homne page it appears quite normal???

  3. OK, thanks Medusa and Bryce, I just tried again via my home broadband and it’s still not working for me (6.42pm Auckland time).

  4. 8.17 pm still no luck from here. Am I going mad?
    Seems everyone else is not experiencing this.

  5. Medusa says:

    yep, sorry EM but you are going mad, working fine here at 8.30pm your time. A new comment was added re Mark Taylor at 5.22pm too, so it’s obviously available for comment to some.

    There are also 10 new posts so I hope you get to it soon & don’t miss the news!


  6. ah yes medusa, i’m now able to get in, reminds me of why i actually try to avoid kiwiblog, : dribblejaws rampant, check the comments about “eyeties” and muslims, leave them to it, so maybe my laptop and my mate’s are actually progammed for the dribblejaws virus
    best xxx and thanks for getting back 2 me

  7. Steve L. says:

    If I log in at my home office I get that crap.
    If I log in at my town office it goes okay.
    I can now do a lot of work at home as I am not distracted by the most fascinating blog in the country.

  8. I’ve just been trying again to get in to Kiwiblog, but get the same page of code. I don’t get that with any other site.

  9. […] a page of hieroglyphics. It’s been a persistent problem for three days now. [Previous EM post “Kiwiblog on the blink” 12 Feb […]

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