Harry Nicolaides comes home

Author Harry Nicolaides is back in Melbourne after being granted a royal pardon by the Thai king.
Harry spent six months in jail for the crime of les majeste – insulting the Thai royal family.

Full story in the Melbourne Age. [Tx Medusa for the tip-off]

One Response to Harry Nicolaides comes home

  1. Medusa says:

    An interesting twist to the story – The brother of the Australian author released from a Thai prison over the weekend has rejected claims he deliberately broke the law in order to write a book about his ordeal. Harry Nicolaides was released on Friday, after a pardon by the King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

    Reports in Fairfax newspapers today quoted a former colleague of Mr Nicolaides, Heath Dollar, claiming the author deliberately committed the crime to gain notoriety. “Before the book’s publication, in fact, Harry rather cavalierly suggested that going to prison for lese majeste,” Mr Dollar said.

    But Harry’s brother Forde Nicolaides has said the allegations were wrong.

    Hmmm, curious, I wonder…

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