Weak-old Reality – I don’t think so

So, living in NZ means that our TV is sometimes weeks behind.

Sadly this is the case with American Idol.
I’m really pissed that the only contestant I could ever vote for has gone.
Tonight (Friday 6 March on NZ TV) Norman Gentle did the best pisstake ever of AI.

It was glorious.

One flack sums it up:

Mary Kay wrote in a TV Watch comment. “He is taking a spot from someone who takes the competition seriously and would give anything to have been on that stage last night.”

That’s exactly why I would have voted for him. I really wanted Norman to continue. He actually made the show worth watching, a beautiful deconstruction of reality TV. I thought he had a chance, the audience was behind him. Who counts the votes by the way?

Unfortunately, when I googled Norman I found out that he’d been nixed by the network. He actually got shafted a week ago.
So much for globalisation. Second-hand TV sucks.

It’s likely that Fox couldn’t cope with the implications of Series 8. Oh well, it all went wrong in Series 7 [AO].

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