The Daily Show chops down the Wall Street poppies

I have to link to this, it’s a priceless chop down of CNBC’s coverage of Wall Street by the Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart.

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Background here Welcome to Loserville Mr Santelli.

It’s very interesting that Jon Stewart – an erstwhile comedian – is one of the sharpest and most left-wing critics of American capitalism. His “Fuck You” is priceless.

One Response to The Daily Show chops down the Wall Street poppies

  1. Medusa says:

    Agreed! Outstanding humour and his political leaning makes it all the more satisfying. Medusa would love to see those smarmy CEO’s face up to this guy and for him to ask them the tough questions, particularly Mr Loserville, sorry, Santelli.

    What a bunch of f’wits. I guess we knew that already through their disgraceful mismanagement of so much money and the terrible repercussions being felt by all and sundry; except the powers that be of course.

    I can’t stand how often these decision making CEOs walk away from broken companies with the gigantic payouts and I hope Stanford (should he be proven guilty) spends some time suffering the consequences of his obvious greed!

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