Martini music – hot, but not jazz this time

Wayne and I went to the spiegeltent at the Auckland Festival last night after work. There’s a really good 2-for-1 ticket deal at the box office for “happy hour” between 4 and 6 pm.

paprikabalkanicusThe act was Paprika Balkanicus, a five-piece playing Balkan music. Two accordions, a guitar, a violinist who looks like a short, stocky Trotsky and a beanpole bass player.

After a half of Domestic and a straightener it was great. There’s a great sense of humour in the band and some fine musicianship.

If they’re coming to a town near you, check them out. Paprika Balkanicus will be in Australia from mid-March to early April then they’re heading back to Europe.

They’re fast, lively and very danceable. The spiegeltent was a great place to see them too, a bit circusy.

You can see tour dates on the band’s MySpace page.


One Response to Martini music – hot, but not jazz this time

  1. Medusa says:

    Interesting, I love the violin in this piece, it almost sings in my mind. An excellent aerobic workout dancing to Balkan music for a few hours I gather. Was Wayne a suitable dancing partner, lol!

    btw: thanks for the tip they’re coming to Oz.

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