I’m more popular than John Key – half-wishful thinking

Well, it’s something (shameless self-promotion to come).

According to the Halfdone blog stats for April 2009, I am at number 42 in the NZ blogosphere rankings. Your prime minister, the Right hon. John Key is number 43.

Ha, that’s great, but I won’t crow too loudly.

The Tumeke rankings, which as of today [21 April] are only up for February 2009, have EM at number 58 and JK at number 54. Though, if I could be indulged just another second or two, JK is dropping (down 2 places from January) and I’m rising (up 19 places from January).

So maybe I’ve over taken him, maybe not quite yet.

A giant hat tip to all my visitors. I hope you like it.

One Response to I’m more popular than John Key – half-wishful thinking

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    Halfdone appears to rely heavily on Alexis, while I provide my Google Analytics stats to Tumeke. Tumeke have me on 73 for February and Halfdone have me on 149th. In any case, my following has doubled since February, so I’ll have to wait until June to find out where I was in April. 🙂

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