Twitter Kings not what they seem to be

You might have seen the weekend news reports that breathlessly told how American actor Ashton Kutcher became the first “king” of Twitter by reaching the magic number of  one million followers. I remember thinking at the time, “Who gives a fcuk?” Well it seems that some people do and the whole thing’s been exposed as a massive publicity stunt for Kutcher and the CNN network.

Truemorist at NowPublic writes that Kutcher got help through a massive billboard advertising campaign and adds that anyone who tried to unsubscribe from Kutcher’s “tweets” in the build-up to the crowning of the king were prevented from doing so.

This is not a story of the “little man” beating out “big media” — this is the story of a major Hollywood celebrity orchestrating a massive, social media publicity campaign that was specifically designed to promote himself, Twitter and, by extension, Ted Turner and CNN.

It’s OK, apparently the block on deleting Kutcher from your Twitter friends list is now lifted. So feel free to dump him. Today Kutcher has 1,316,944 followers. I hope by the end of the week this is down to a more sensible number.

Who cares if  “Garry Busey is doing a bang-up job around the office” [ a promo for an online show called (Kat)al+yst]. And who cares what Kutcher’s publicaratchik thinks about anything.

Kutcher even had the gall to make a victory speech all about the “little guy” taking on “big media”. Let’s face it he’s a punk and we were punk’d.

Here’s the speech, thoughtfully transcribed by an over-excited fan at New York Magazine

Look, at the end of the day, what’s this about? This is about the changing of the guard, from the old way of consuming media to the new way of consuming media. We together, can decide, we can make the news on our cell phones, on our iPhones, on our cameras, on our video cameras. We can edit the news, we can broadcast the news, and we can consume the news. We can decide what news we want to hear, how we want to hear it, when we want to hear it. And we can get it faster on the web. That’s all we’re saying.

And it’s not about me, it’s not about anything, any accolade I’m trying to achieve. It’s really about us and, uh, it’s about a statement that one man can have a voice that’s as loud as an entire media company. And you can have that voice as well. And we can all have that voice together. And, and, and we can change media forever. That’s just the start. I dunno, um, maybe that was a little too preachy?

Yeah Ashton a little bit.


2 Responses to Twitter Kings not what they seem to be

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    One thing I know for sure: If everyone has a million followers, no one is listening. There just isn’t time or mental resource in human skulls to scale to the that level of mental and observational bandwidth.

    We are tiny, limited beasts. Vast numbers of us know very little about almost everything. Ok, Twitter can help people learn by pointing them to answers to the question they have in their head right now…now…now….now….but Twitter can’t make us super men and women. We’re still tiny, limited beasts. We have no real idea what a million is. Reading a million tweets would take take weeks or months. Understanding them could well take a lifetime…and that’s just a day’s worth.

  2. Truth Seeker, a Sage to boot. Cheers Steve


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