Humour in the face of certain death

Thanks to Juha [Techsploder] at JOURNZ for the link to this fabulous cartoon and for allowing its re-use

My backwards link to background

If you want to get into the game check out Is It Time to Panic? and Sick City – New Zealand [Hat tip Rob@JOURNZ]

One Response to Humour in the face of certain death

  1. Medusa says:

    Not sure if this belongs right here however it is a person’s comment about Twitter and the new Gretel Killen pandemic – “killing the Logies” (btw: Medusa is not a fan of any). It sums up Twitter use quite well I thought, apart from the poor spelling of course:

    “Twitter is the unprivate SMS of the internet. Twiiter is a realtime ratings veiwer. With twitter i found out what was happening @ 2am in the morning when there where police sirens everywhere, i just asked the question, whats going on over here?? & got a reposnse in 5 minutes from someone explaining it. Now you wont get that on any news site, news channel, news rss feed. You will have to wait three days before they update their sites. I was supprised posted this article straight after the logies and tweeted it, maybe they are getting the drift?? We are 24/7, Journalism is DEAD, we are the journalists, we are the mob.”

    Interesting take…

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