Ethical Martini in the top ten – statistics say

Ah, statistics. They’re really good for winning an argument. Any argument. Good old, pliable statistics.

I must say a big “thankyou” to Halfdone of Something should go here, maybe later. According to his statistics, or at least, my interpretation of his statistics, Ethical Martini is in the top 10.

Yes, well, that is my interpretation of Halfdone’s statistics.

According to Halfdone’s Blog Stats for April, EM is at number 27 overall. Not quite in the top 10.

But of course, recutting the stats puts me in the top 10 leftwing blogs. That is, in the top 10 of the blogs that are actually readable, have something useful to say and are actually right about most things.

How do I work this out.

Well, the top blog is Kiwiblog (right), second and third are Public Address and The Standard (both left).

4th, 5th and 6th spots are held by conservative/Christian blogs: MandM; No Minister and New Zealand Conservative.

7 and 8 are the Dim Post and Tumeke (left)

9th is Open Parachute which is not noted as either left or right by Halfdone’s colour coding

10 is Not PC which is darker blue and is therefore probably libertarian in outlook [correct me if that’s not the right interpetation]; 11th is Halfdone her/himself

No Right Turn is 12 (another left blog)

Homepaddock (13); The visible hand in economics (14); Barnsley Bill (15); The Inquiring Mind (16); Big News (17); Mac Doctor Moments 18);  roarprawn (19); are mostly right/Christian with a couple of  white (neutral?) and one libertarian among them.

20th and 21st place are two more lefties, Jack Yan and Kiwipolitico; 22 and 23 two more pale blue conservative blogs (Keeping Stock and Whale Oil); 24th The hand mirror (left); 25th Liberty Scott (libertarian); 26th Poneke’s Weblog (left)

And then, me at number 27.

Now, if you take out all the unreadable rightwing, libertarian, Christian and wishy-washy neutrals that leaves the top ten left blogs:

  1. Public Address
  2. The Standard
  3. The Dim Post
  4. Tumeke
  5. No Right Turn
  6. Jack Yan – the Persuader
  7. Kiwipolitico
  8. The Hand Mirror
  9. Poneke’s Weblog
  10. Ethical Martini [Dribblejaws alert: you’re here all ready]

Now I don’t make the rule about Halfdone’s colour coding and I’m not sure if Jack Yan really qualifies as “left”, or really any of the others and self-reporting is not the same as having someone else identify you as left, right, etc. So I’m happy to reclassify anyone who feels that Halfdone hasn’t got it right, but you should also let him/her know.

I honestly don’t know how these things work and I’m 72 on the Tumeke! stats for March. What I do know is that my traffic rate is going up, so I must be doing something right.

And, just in case you don’t get the joke, let me paraphrase Halfdone:

This is, of course absolute crap… I have always done this for my own entertainment, If that annoys certain others, tough!


One Response to Ethical Martini in the top ten – statistics say

  1. dave says:

    Ha, Love your analysis. Given that Ive just found out that I`m no 17, I am therefore actually no 1 if I take out the unreadable rightwing, leftwing libertarian, Christians and wishy-washy neutrals.

    because I pretty much take a centre position. Not wishy washy,swinging wherever the sun shines.

    This is, of course absolute crap…

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