Lingerie football – TVNZ…Why do we need to know?

OK, it’s Saturday, it’s football season, but this is not right. Not only do we have the Cronulla Sharks to deal with, now we have the ladies’ HotGirlsAndFootball-motivational-posterleague to distract and bewitch us.

Consider my utter and absolute dismay when Lingerie Football [NSFW] was presented as a “news” item at the end of the TVNZ bulletin.

I am very disappointed that TVNZ thinks it’s OK to humiliate female newsreaders for the sake of a tits’n’arse ratings point or two.

I’ve been home most of the day, I was doing some marking and preparing for my Writers & Reader’s Festival gig tomorrow afternoon. I had the TV on in the background because Moac was shopping for warm, smart and “grrrrrhhhhh…..merino!”

Throughout the day I was switching between Snoop’Dog THS, football, baseball, motor racing, Coro-omnibus, gardening shows, netball and news. At least a dozen times I heard the Sky-guys yakkin’ on about “lingerie football”.

A “no news” news item that’s most certainly a result of Flat Earth replicators. So it was and so it came to be that TVNZ replictated the advertising meme on cue.

The TVNZ female presenters had to engage in that awkward “banter” with their (rising to the occasion) male colleagues around this story. It’s a light and breezy end to the bulletin that’s supposed to make us like the station and the “team”.

But, in this situation all the women could do was “bimbo-ize” the other women in the story. I really was disgusted…the whole crew is in on a crap joke to make the female presenters suck up the sexism and make like it’s funny to diss their sisters-in-exploitation. I expect better from you all.

How about some solidarity on the studio floor and just say to whoever decides you’ve got to run this shit tht you won’t do it.

[Dribblejaws, don’t even think of responding]

I felt sorry for them. Shit sandwiches are….shit!

“Fur’cryst’s ache!” Please, just tell the dropkick producer who lined up that story for you to

Get @#$@#$@$@$@$@$#@$#@$!!!!!!”

It is not necessary.

The story is not even a story: it’s a promotion for the LINGERIE FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

The whole thing is a sick advertisement aimed at blokes like me (that is demographic-wise; I’m not remotely interested), who are couch potato sport fans and hope to see a ripped uniform and some “nekked ledies”.

It does not deserve to be a news story, but the fact that it is clearly indicates the parasitic relationship between news and public relations.

More than that, it’s also about how stuff like this gets to be legitimate lingerie football.

Someone had a good idea…once. If you can source this, I’d be grateful.

It was an idea about how to make money out of slender female models chasing pigskin for the benefit of beer-loving fans of full-contact arena sports.LFL tickets

Finally (after patient whole-nine-yards-grind) , in May 2009 the person(s) with the money-making idea were ready to launch it on the world – coming soon to a stadium near you – and the world’s media were willing to help out.

Oh, but wait, more than likely this is some hard-wired crack-shot promoter’s  “value proposition” or some other “show me the money” goonsquad penguin march

This is why we’re in so much trouble.

Jay Leno got suckered into the hype in 2008 and even the Huffington Post succumbed, so how can the rest of us resist?

[Ye must know that the Interwebs will not save us]

And the saddest thing…”lingerie football (promotion)  brought to you by female journalists you can trust. Sarah, why?

Let’s get down here, the world really needs True Fantasy Football.

Yep, that’ll make us all feel better about  the situation in Sri Lanka and it makes the slaughter more palatable.

TVNZ, this is really about you…stop pushing this crap at us.

If not using it gives you an extra 90 seconds, use it wisely,

please, don’t drown us in sexist marketing hype.

Do you really deserve this?


4 Responses to Lingerie football – TVNZ…Why do we need to know?

  1. Crikey Mr Martini, steady on.

    Sure we’ll get to see some balance come into ‘sport’?

    Drunken bimbos smacking down bouncers in bars, gang banging bartenders and waiters in hotels, beating up their husbands and partners.

    should be a lot of ‘news’ coming our way.

    And does Moac mean what the Urban dictionary tells me it means? Oooh.

  2. No Olive? What is that about!
    Yes, I love the idea of the lingerie league ladies going feral on the local boys. Maybe it should be the “cougar” league.

    And no, the urban dictionary definition is not what I have in mind,but you know what, given that you’ve pointed this out to me, I may have to amend my ways.
    Moac = Mother of all catses, aka Mother of all creatures (as in great and small), for reasons that are obvious to people who know.

  3. The Gisborne Harold says:

    Dear Sir,
    the olive was stuffed.
    Anyhoo, would you take a look at the wordpress blog The Gisborne Harold if you have a spare moment? If you can get there (all new to the blogheap)it covers the most extraordinary piece of right-wing rabble rousing by local stalwart Murray Ferris under the benign guise of his regular The Fishing Guide in The Gisborne Herald. A tone of a hang’em high style of paranoia and vigilantism that is increasingly getting airplay in our sturdy little paper out here on the East Coast for example their insistence on publishing a Most Wanted list.
    Some smacks are called for! But only the adults mind.

  4. You can find The Gisborne Harold here.

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