News 2.0 – manuscript in the bag

Ah, Harper has a domestic chilling, the olives are wet, the onions skewered. EM is back. The manuscript is complete,  just a quick revision and off to Allen & Unwin.

Once I’ve collected my thoughts, I’ll post a few outtakes and such, for now, a celebratory bucket or two.

“Harper, bring my slippers and pipe!”

3 Responses to News 2.0 – manuscript in the bag

  1. Lexie says:

    Well finally. As one of the cats who run the Ethical Martini household I’ve contributed many hours of support, snoozing by the laptop and offering encouraging and witty feline commentary. I may have added the odd typo while traversing the keyboard to get where I want to go, but that’s life with access-all-area bench-hoppers like me. Maybe now it won’t be so hard to get your attention when I want my dinner!!!

  2. Medusa says:

    Congratulations, may you and your household enjoy many relaxed nights with domestics now the dining room table has cleared!!

    What a fabulous goal to achieve, enjoy the richly deserved rewards…


  3. rob says:

    ahoy Mr Martini,

    Congratulations on yet another manuscript off to the publishers…Well done.

    Hopefully you can now lavish oodles of time and presents on Mrs Martini and the other cool cats in the house…


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