Media 140: Sydney social media & journalism conference looks interesting

Media 140Top

Future of Journalism in the Social Media Age An international collaboration asks “What is the future of journalism in the Social Media Age?”. Staged at ABC’s Eugene Goossens’ Hall, Sydney on 5th – 6th of November, bringing together Australia’s leading journalists, broadcasters, social media advocates and media academics.

To educate and promote debate within the media industry about Twitter and realtime social media platforms and practices. If you are a broadcaster, journalist, media academic, social media advocate, publisher or student in journalism you need to be at the event.

Register here for tickets. Available now from $145 until 5th October.

EM will definitely be attending this conference; the list of speakers is impressive, but I can’t help wondering if there’s going to be a lot of hype about how wonderful Twitter, etc are. The agenda reads like the table of contents for News 2.0: Can journalism survive the Internet? which is now “in house” at Allen & Unwin.

It will be a chance to catch up with the publishers too.

One Response to Media 140: Sydney social media & journalism conference looks interesting

  1. Medusa says:

    This program looks quite stimulating, but surely EM will find so many more “realtime social media platforms and practices”, attitudes, comments, etc that you wish you could include in your book…beware the frustration or depression as per your earlier post.

    It will be a good test to see if your MS is on the money.

    Maybe you can plead with your editor to add another chapter for “News 2.0: Can journalism survive the Internet?” while you’re in Sydney should you find more useful info, which no doubt you will.

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