Twitter for the “peeps”: Celebs keepin’ it real?

Well, that’s nice, Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana is leaving the Twitersphere; now maybe we’ll get some peace.

I think we should all tweet our favourite celebs (or their peeps) and suggest they follow Miley’s unselfish example.

I never could understand why there’s such crush on following the rich and fatuous on Twitter, not even Stephen Fry, though sometimes his jokes are pretty good.

Apparently, Miley and some of her celeb peers have been dissing and bitchin’ each other via tweets, so she’s pulled out along with Courtney Love and her daughter.

Nowhere is safe, it seems, from celebrinfection; I’m all in favour of disinfecelebritizing social media.

“Hey you, get out of MySpace!”

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3 Responses to Twitter for the “peeps”: Celebs keepin’ it real?

  1. inakhole says:

    You may enjoy this “Ode to Miley”, by Carles at

    “Just want to be an individual
    and let the world know that I am an individual
    (I am me)
    (I am me)
    But don’t want to let the world know too much
    and dilute the meaningfulness of my life

    Just want to ‘be a kid’
    Just want to ‘be a tween girl’
    experiment with boys, feelings, and padded bras
    want my tits to look ‘huge’ but also maintain my social and sexual innocence

    Want to tweet
    Want to vlog
    Want to blog
    Want to be a ‘musician’ and write lyrics that appeal 2 a universal zeitgeist
    Maybe there’s a lil bit of tween inside of all of us.”

  2. In the case of Cyrus, a 16yo is a 16yo….famous or not. Mostly all fragile ego and taking everything far too seriously. Withdrawing from the Tweet-machine is a good idea until she learns to follow the Golden Rule.

    As for celebrities, talent and appeal aside, they are names one knows and when you first start out on Twitter….you don’t know anyone.

  3. TS, what is the Golden Rule?
    I take your point about 16 y.o. Not being a parent I guess I perhaps don’t understand their complexities, but MC has a whole entourage looking after her and the clip – while Rappin’ is clearly not her thing – took some organising.
    Her peeps are behind it, so I’m cynical enough to believe it’s a stunt.

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