Sunday and I’m stuffed

Two brief comments this morning about the Sunday news agenda.

Firstly, why is featuring two stories designed to get a rise out of Sunday morning male readers?

One is an inadvertent advert for Penthouse magazine and the other an advertisment for the Gold Coast SuperGP motor racing dressed up as a soft(core) news story.

The news value in these items is miniscule to non-existent. Only one has a local angle (the woman is a Kiwi, but appeared in the “Aussie Babes” pages of the magazine), but the “wow” factor is high — both feature prominent images of scantily-clad young women.

Don’t believe me that they’re adverts? Gentlemen start your engines; ladies, I’m sorry, but trust me, this is for research purposes only:

Topless teacher on Penthouse website
Miss SuperGP Gold Coast golden girl

EM tries to be a family-friendly blog (sometimes), so I’m not linking to the images, anyone over the age of 10 can imagine them from the suggestive headlines.

But this one from is perhaps the most tittylating: Dominatrix tells of ‘bad feelings’


Alas, it too is no more than an advertisment – this time for Metro magazine.

Second point: After all the fuss about British Nationalist Party goon Nick Griffith‘s appearance on the BBC, why is giving space to our local Nazis?

Far-right leader Kyle Chapman returns

Go figure, it must a slow news day [Labour day long-weekend in Aotearoa]  and sex sells.

Take your pick of editor’s cliched responses; I’m going back to bed.

Actually, I’m not: I’m going whale watching on Hauraki Gulf.

In the meantime, “no platform for fascists”

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