Through a (Media) Lens darkly – Newspeak review part 2

“Not only is journalistic ‘objectivity’
impossible, the attempt to achieve
it is morally abhorrent.”

Newspeak in the 21st Century, p.239.

This deserves some attention and discussion, it’s tempting to just go “Yep,”, but if I sleep on it, I might be more considered in my response. The rest of the book drifts off into a …weird and existential Buddhism, it loses me at that point.

I just needed to put this in as a place-holder. I’m into the last chapter and will come back to this post later.

The first part of the review is posted here.

2 Responses to Through a (Media) Lens darkly – Newspeak review part 2

  1. Bill Bennett says:

    Sounds like more of the postmodern nonsense that ends up denying the holocaust or interpreting it as just one “reading” of history.

    Objectivity may be an impossible goal, but that shouldn’t stop journalists for aiming at it.

  2. bruce Clark says:

    Hi – hope you’re well – sending this to people I think might be interested – hope you dont’ mind – hoping to generate some interest in my two anti-war songs – the first, “George and Tony” about the illegal Iraq invasion and the second, “Letter to Mr Obama” concerns the escalation by his administration of the Afghanistan conflict – unfortunately, should have written it earlier. Have a listen – hopefully the sentiments will resonate, and , if so, please pass this on to anyone who may be interested. If it can be used in any way in the debate concerning Afghanistan/related issues, I would be more than pleased.( Anyone’s welcome to sing/record them, if they want – )

    Best wishes



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