Have an ethical holiday

I’m a level 7 aetheist so I don’t get all worked up over Christmas, though my MOAC insists on a tree. After 14 years of marriage, I am happy to indulge. When we first met, she often said “I hate Christmas,” mainly because of unhappy memories. We are happy to hide small gifts under the tree and spend a couple of hours opening them. Mostly they are from the catses and of little value.

So most years we just bunker down, lock the doors and open the champagne. This year, for the first time in Auckland, we are able to get some Queensland banana prawns so an ethicalmartinihouseholdtradition has been reinstated.

However, I do like a summer holiday; “just me and you, for a week or two”.

So before we roast a chicken and open presents, a well deserved break from  all things work-related, including EM. We’re flying out tonight and I won’t be back till early January.

Have a safe and ethical holiday, including a liberal helping of whatever floats your boat.



3 Responses to Have an ethical holiday

  1. rob says:

    Thanks Mr Martini for an interesting year. Cheers for the effort and input on the blog…one of the better oines out there. Hope you and Mrs Martini get to relax and enjoy a holiday courtesy of the mythical baby jesus…look forward to more of your missives in ’10.

  2. Medusa says:

    I concur with Rob, thank you and happy ethical holidays to you and yours, regardless of the reason for them!

    Enjoy your traditions, particularly the yummy prawns and no doubt some oysters thrown in too.


  3. ConorJoe says:

    enjoy yourselves!

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