Whale-watching: S(hit)nitches get st(orm)itches

Shitstorm to&fro

It’s late, it’s Sunday, commonsense comes with the (I don’t like) Monday(‘s) (morning blues)…meanwhile…Martini music

Keep going

2 Responses to Whale-watching: S(hit)nitches get st(orm)itches

  1. Medusa says:

    Excellent use of vocabulary re your title, impressive.

    Quite simply, suppression belongs with the victim(s), their families and those innocent until proven guitly.

    Very funky music for a late Sunday evening,much vodka and dancing, love the birds, mouth organ is such a fabulous sound. Reminds me of the Neville Brothers and New Orleans Mardi Gras…thank you!

  2. Boozoo magic says:

    Hey mr martini…
    great boozoo track…who’d a thunk it?
    Great cajun swamp sounds with Tony Joe White – from two white guys in Nuremburg…
    “Dust my Broom” is a definite keeper for the collection…
    thanks for posting

    and while we’re enjoying ‘ze prussians’ check out some viennese chill – kruder and dorfmeister…
    ‘the sessions’

    {Cheers Mr B]

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