Who hates Fairfax? Clue: they give good graffiti

A colleague sent me ths image a couple of days ago.  He snapped it on a wall down by Auckland’s ferry terminal. We joked that it might be the work of a Waiheke rebel, but that was just a wild guess.

If anyone knows who’s responsible for this interesting graffito, or if it was you, Ethical Martini would love to know more.

If you’ve seen this anywhere else in Auckland, or further afield, perhaps you could send some more images via your phone, or email etc.

I am used to seeing this style of guerilla art directed against Rupert Murdoch and the Fox network, but I have not come across this type of protest against Fairfax.

Whoever it is they’ve gone to some trouble. As my mate pointed out, three colour graffiti takes time and effort. Not only that but there’s a decent stencil involved too. It’s good work, an amateur Banksy perhaps.

I’m keen to know more. You can email details to ethicalmartiniATgmail.com I’m happy to use material without attribution, but the usual rules about verification will apply.

2 Responses to Who hates Fairfax? Clue: they give good graffiti

  1. Stephen says:

    I have spotted these in Wellington, outside the Te Aro Community Centre — several months ago.

    [Stephen, send photos. Any clues?]

  2. I’ve had a few other readers comment that they’ve seen this graffiti around Auckland, but so far no other photos and no one claiming responsibility.

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