Is this the perfect Martini? Which one?

Stirred, poured or shaken?

Plymouth, London or some other gin?

And then there’s the whole question of which botanicals make the best gin and should the distillers be allowed to keep them so secret.

What about the vodka option?

And the all important garnish. A twist or an olive?

Perhaps there’s no such thing as the perfect Martini, only personal preferences.

We can all agree it needs to be ice cold, but should it be wet or dry?

Wet would be about 2 gin to 1 of vermouth, dry and drier are easy to work out.

Look at the Lillet in this clip, I buy it in Auckland, but it doesn’t have those lovely wooden bits in it. Perhaps you have to add the shavings at home. I will investigate further.

There’s lots to like in this little video; the settings, the drinks trolley, the fabulous glasses. It’s all very proper and British, but it does emphasise the importance of ritual.

A good Martini takes effort. Note the size of the ice chunks to stop dilution of the gin and if you’re going for the shake, then the tip here is vigour and rhythm. Freeze the glasses and the gin – essential; gently grate the zest and every-so-softly, twist the citrus oil on to the surface of the drink after pouring.

I don’t use words like “mouthfeel”, but I know what they mean.

Mark’s Bar at Hix in Soho

Dukes Hotel, London

The Connaught Hotel, Mayfair

[Tx Krista]


4 Responses to Is this the perfect Martini? Which one?

  1. dave says:

    A martini should never be shaken, a swift yet vigorous stir with the basic essentials of (preferably) good quality gin and vermouth, and quickly decanted into a martini glass before then adding the extras. I like it with 2 olives and the slightest touch of brine. The colder the better, with ice in the martini glass whilst the stirring takes place. Anyway, that’s my ideal martini. Not often found in most Auckland bars…

  2. Big call Dave. Did you see the Connaught barkeep give that Martini a brain-busting shake, with panache. What’s not to like?

  3. That was a great video. I would never say never when it comes to making martinis, everybody has their own style and personal favourites. I loved the way the Connaught barkeep prepared that martini.

  4. Medusa says:

    What a great job, going around the world, or London at least, tasting martinis. Too many options, personal preference for me. I too enjoyed the vid, particularly the piano music setting a great mood for a lovely autumn afternoon drinking…and dancing!

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