Court case reveals racist FBI

A court case in Brooklyn NY has shown up the FBI’s misguided (putting it mildly) support of a well-known American neo-Nazi hate-merchant.

A right-wing blogger charged with threatening federal judges told a jury Thursday that his racist Internet rants were an FBI-sanctioned ruse to “flush out” dangerous neo-Nazi and white supremacist members of his audience.

“I’m not a white supremacist,” Hal Turner testified at a retrial in Brooklyn. “Never have been.”

[Blogger claims racist rants sanctioned by FBI]

That’s a beautiful line from the defendant: “I’m not a white supremacist,”

“Never have been,”…but…

Turner rants about a “Portable Nigger Lyncher” machine, “faggots,” “savage Negro beasts,” “bull-dyke lesbians” and “lazy-ass Latinos … slithering across the border.” And that is just the beginning. If you have a strong stomach, the link below will take you to quotes, Turner’s own words, from his radio show:

[Chasing Evil]

Barks like a rabid dog, probably is one.

Turner has his own internet radio show and a blog where he regularly spewed out the usual kinds of Nazi hate speech. The blog seems to be closed, but others have sprung up to defend him. He is a darling of the American far-right.

One such site, The family of Hal Turner, is taking great delight in proving how Turner has been on the FBI payroll for years and that his on-air and published calls for a bunch of Federal Court judges to be murdered and for someone to kill guests at Obama’s inauguration last year were sanctioned FBI plots and sting operations.

Using two video clips from two separate national television shows, along with FBI pay vouchers and payment memos, defense lawyers flatly proved the FBI not only allowed Turner to say a federal judge was “worthy of death” but the FBI later allowed him to mention several elected public officials BY NAME and say they “deserve to be killed.’

Even more astonishing, less than two weeks after his appearance on national TV shows and posting the courthouse addresses of three Chicago judges, the FBI paid Turner $3,000 for doing it!

The icing on the cake: The payment memo issued to explain the $3,000 payment to Turner clearly states it was “. . . . . not illegal or criminal to post the Judges addresses on TURNERS web site. . . . .” [Powerful evidence]

The most disturbing thing about this case is not the dribblejaws nasty that Turner is spoutiing, but the fact that the FBI thinks it’s OK to harness the efforts of these dangerous psychos in poorly-conceived sting operations.

They are funding this lunatic’s “Dr Evil” schtick and they don’t even think that’s dangerous, or perhaps immoral?

Turner’s racist rants and violent threats are legendary. Railing against President Bush in 2007, he told his audience that, “a well-placed bullet can solve a lot of problems.” He has written that “we need to start SHOOTING AND KILLING Mexicans as they cross the border” and argued that killing certain federal judges “may be illegal, but it wouldn’t be wrong.” [Hatewatch]

Of course the FBI’s history is littered with such cozying-up to right-wingers and certifiably insane informers. But if you thought that all ended with the death of Edgar J Hoover and Joseph McCarthy, wake up and smell the cordite.

A report this week by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the US says that the far-right is growing in size and confidence. One of the main reasons is that their cause has been legitimised by a bunch of asshole shock-jocks and Fox TV personalities like the odious and criminal Glenn Beck.

The SPLC report, called Rage on the Right, said the rise in extremist groups was “a cause for grave concern” given their propensity to use violence during their heyday in the 90s, most notably with the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people. It added that the issues driving support for such groups were increasingly populist and that “signs of growing radicalisation are everywhere”.

“Patriot groups have been fuelled by anger over the changing demographics of the country, the soaring public debt, the troubled economy and an array of initiatives by President Obama that have been branded “socialist” or even “fascist” by his political opponents,” the report said. [The Guardian, 4 March]

I live in hope that Beck will be charged with hate-speech, but you know what: if he is, I bet he’ll have receipts from the FBI proving he was an informant and agent-provocateur.

Dare I say it, Beck’s a problem that one bullet off-button can would solve.  Let me introduce you to the killer inside me.*

*Note to readers: EM employs rhetoric and sarcasm in his blog posts. They are not necessarily meant to be taken seriously and definitely not as a call to arms. Not today anyhow.

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  1. gogetter says:

    Hal Turner’s lawyer is a Mexican, his FBI-handlers were a Jew and a Negro and his wife is a lesbian. How does that make him a “racist”?

    [EM: Just like you Dribblejaws, it’s as obvious as the hole in your arse/face. Your first and last visit to Ethical Martini – Now go away. No correspondence will be entered into]

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