Mr Trotter’s on to something

I’ve been to Galbraith’s Ale House in Mt Eden road a few times to sup with Mr Trotter and his pals of a Friday evening. We’ve had some pleasant times and one or two beastly disagreements, but I think Chris is right in his recent assessments of the ACT-led National government.

Mr Trotter has an elegant and literary blog called Bowalley Road, named after a laneway in rural Otago, and from time to time it makes wise and interesting reading.

In a recent piece comparing the actions of the Key government with those of a previous National regime, Chris makes the following point:

National’s backwoodsmen may see nothing wrong with “kicking the bodies of public servants” and ruthlessly reaffirming the policy objectives of Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson, but those few wise heads that still remain in the National Party would do well to remind these backwoods Bourbons that the voters have firmly rejected them.

The Prime Minister’s winning smile cannot forever be relied upon to distract voters’ attention from the mounting casualties of National’s noxious nostalgia. [Plus ça change]
What Chris is describing here is the sheer brutality of the National party’s political agenda today. Perhaps even more chilling is the way in which the Auckland super city is being foist upon us without, it seems, any discussion or recourse:

If “Rogernomics” represented the triumph of private over public interests in economic matters, “Rogerpolitics” stands for the elevation of private over public decision-making in the political sphere.

When that happens, our entire system of responsible government will fall under its shadow, and the future of democracy itself will be imperilled. [Rogerpolitics]

Let’s not forget that the whole super city push is being led by ACT’s poison dwarf “Dr Jerkall”. ACT is not yet a Fascist organisation, but its individualistic and libertarian rhetoric is  damaging to the social good and ultimately a gateway drug to the Brownshirts.

The question is what to do about it?

One of the Key things is to begin joining the dots:

  1. Attacks on higher education
  2. Attacks on school teachers and education
  3. Attacks on welfare and social security beneficiaries
  4. More jails and more jailers
  5. Maintaining a low wage economy
  6. Less money for public service broadcasting
  7. Ditching the TVNZ Charter obligations
  8. Privatising Auckland City governance
  9. Opening up the national estate to strip mining
  10. A higher profile for “our” SAS boys in Afghanistan

This is just off the top of my head. I’m sure you can add many more to this list.

Any opposition that fights on single issues against this juggernaut government is doomed to defeat. Only a consistent application of the principles of a genuine united front can offer any hope.

Or as Winston says in 1984: “If there’s any hope at all, it lies with the Proles.”

One Response to Mr Trotter’s on to something

  1. Very kind of you, Sir. May I extend a warm invitation to drop by Galbraith’s at your earliest convenience!

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