Let’s not get too hysterical over Hide/Hitler cartoon

Oh, the outrage. Oh, the horror. Oh, the insensitivity of that beastly man.

Poor old Andrew Williams can’t take a trick at the moment.

First, a quite moment of reflection in a leafy North Shore grotto leads to a front page splash and Rottweiler Rodney’s calls for a dumping.

Comes with useful female attachment

Perhaps if Wee Willie had one of these handy portable urinals with him, he would have been safe from the prying eyes of the SST.

Then a cartoon posted to the mayor’s Facebook page causes an even greater outpouring of angst and hand-wringing among people who should know better.

Whaleoil describes the actions of the North Shore mayor as “filthy” and “foul beyond belief”.

Rottweiller Rodney "Doh! Fuhrer?"

A little OTT IMHO.

Let’s not get too hysterical here.

Some perspective is required; rather than just a Wee Willie gangbang. For a start, Williams posted the image (he says) after it was sent to him by a supporter.

A similar case recently in Florida highlights what I mean. In this instance a high school student is excoriated for drawing Obama with a “Hitler” mustache:

A hand-drawn illustration accompanying the piece depicts Obama wearing a jacket and tie complete with a flag pin and “Obama” name badge, and sporting a mustache in the style of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

The illustration did not include a caption linking it to the written piece – but did include the name of the artist, a W.F. West student.

Robert Schroeter, local attorney and chairman of the Lewis County Democrats, called the caricature “abominable” and compared its use in student media to groups that have recently gathered in public locales, such as the Chehalis Post Office, with signs depicting Obama in similar fashion to Hitler.

“It’s absolutely horrible that anyone would be compared to a war criminal and mass murderer,” Schroeter said. “It’s unfortunate that someone would have such a lack of respect for the office of the president.”

We rightly condemn such censorship, but then preach it in our own backyard.

Everyone gets so uptight when the Nazi flag is involved and references to and comparisons with Hitler are reviled by the pop-up blowhards of the conservatoriat.

Do you remember those Grammar boys who’s Facebook photo of them joking around with a Nazi flag – on display in Auckland War Memorial Museum at the time (“Irony, anyone?”) – led to them being bashed up by the media and the legionnaires of decency?

But, let’s put this into perspective.

First, you can legally buy and own Nazi memorabilia in New Zealand. You can display it in public and charge people for the privilege of looking at it – to wit the Museum. One of my students saw plenty of it at the Auckland gun show last weekend (adult entry $15.00). He said it’s practically the first thing you see when you walk in: Nazi flags draped everywhere and lots of nic-nacs,  paperweights and the like.

Josh was just after a story, but he was thrown out of the arms bazaar by a dickwad dude who obviously has no problem with making money from retards who think owning a Hitler Youth bayonet is somehow just about cool “collecting”. Evidence from around the world would suggest that a fascination with Nazi memorabilia is pathologically linked to some soft spot for Hitlerism.

How is that OK? Where are the blustering moral police, spitting bile and hot rancid breath, when that outrage is going on.

Why aren’t people making a fuss about that use of the swastika in the context of lots of high-powered weapons being on display and for sale in the suburbs of Auckland? That’s scary dude; much scarier than some perceived slight to Rottweiler Rodney. He is thick of hide and skull and tough enough to take that kind of political jibe.

But that’s just an aside, really. Let’s get back to the Mayor…

Andrew Williams is not suggesting for a minute that Rodney Hide is a mass murderer, or that he’s likely to incinerate 4.5 million Kiwis in some mad, lustful grab for power.

And, let’s face it, Rotty Rod doesn’t need to. He’s already the tail wagging the National dog government and he’s already got his puppeteer’s paws so far up Key’s control hole that it’s really hard to tell where the ventriloquist starts and the dumby begins.

[Post-post aside 4pm: I’ve just seen a very good post on Mr Trotter’s Bowalley Road that goes to the heart of my point about Rotty Rod. I suggest you digest it. The main point is here. The italics is actually the voice of one A Hitler, Dusseldorf circa. 1932:

It is absurd to build up economic life on the conceptions of achievement, of the value of personality, and therefore in practice on the authority of personality, but in the political sphere to deny the authority of personality and to thrust into its place the law of the greater number – Democracy.

This is the political logic underpinning the constitution of the Auckland “supercity”.
A government of supermen, by supermen, for supermen.

What Williams is suggesting through the Hitler/Hide cartoonic metaphor is that Hide is anti-democratic and that while he might make the North Shore buses run on time; he is going to disenfranchise 1.25 million Aucklanders with his  Super City Putsch.

[4pm update: This is the same point that Mr Trotter is making, but in easy-to-understand pictures]

In my view that’s a fair assessment and legitimate political commentary. The people of the Canterbury plains are now also subject to this same Hide-ious political blitzkrieg.

People pretend to profess awful moral outrage when tip-toeing around Nazi paraphernalia and references in politics and other places. But, those self-same beacons of turpitude are often the very ones who commit atrocities of their own and eschew the niceties when involved in their own political brawls.

There’s a certain degree of hypocrisy in that position.

Hitler and the Nazis are rightfully condemned for the murder of millions of Jews during the Second World War, but most of the time the rest of Hitler’s victims are expunged from the historical record.

What about the communists and the trade unionists who were murdered? What about the Christians, gypsies and atheists? Not just in the concentration and extermination camps, but during Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s.

The murder of Hitler’s political opponents by the brown shirts; the murder of ordinary workers and their trade union leaders attempting to resist the rise of Fascism in Europe. The thousands of political prisoners in  Germany and in pre-war Italy under Mussolini.

Where is the condemnation of that Hitler?

Actually, these union-busting, anti-worker political methods of that Hitler are still in the secret lockers of far right politicians and so it’s best not to talk about them. The history of American puppet regimes from Jakarta to Santiago and Baghdad to Kabul is enough said on that topic.

Hide is not Hitler, but there are some on the fringes of ACT Party politics with unsavoury links to the far right and neo-Nazis in New Zealand.

If you see this guy in New Plymouth, get outraged.

If you’re still not satisfied, blow off some steam ranting about this foul ad for a fowl product

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