Come back Lara: “Where the bloody Hell are ya…?”

Talk about a beat-up.

LARA Bingle is front-page news in New Zealand, where reports she is dating a high-profile Kiwi cricket star have sent her celebrity agent into damage control. [Herald-Sun 2 April 2010]

The ‘front-page’ in question is the Truth Weekender. I can’t help wonder if it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke on the part of the cheeky tabloid’s editor.

A bikini-clad Bingle, whose engagement to Clarke ended three weeks ago, was splashed across the front page of the Truth Weekender. A headline inside screamed: “AD A BOY! Parore scores a single Bingle.”

Adam Parore and Lara Bingle an item? Whatever, the Australian media – at least Murdoch’s tabloids – have picked up the story, even though everyone concerned is actually denying it.

No doubt the paps will be out in force for the Sydney wedding of Chris Cairns and Melanie Crosier today; let’s see if they get the Bing-fling money shot or not.

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