Free Peter Bethune – stop whaling too

OK, John Key: What are you going to do about Peter Bethune?

The Australian Green Party leader Bob Brown has called your government “spineless” for not doing anything to secure Peter Bethune’s release from a Japanese jail.

And it’s true Mr Key, spineless is only half of it. Your government is also caving in to pressure from the whaling nations to tone down global demands to stop the barbaric practice.

As the Sea Shepherd organisation says, Peter Bethune is a political prisoner. If he was being held by the North Koreans, or Chinese perhaps you might have been a little braver in your response.

The charges against Peter Bethune are ridiculous and so too is the fact that the Japanese government has not properly investigated the sinking of Bethune’s ship the Ady Gil, which was deliberately rammed by a whaling vessel.

[NZ Herald 2/4/10]

Peter Bethune could face up to 15 years in jail if convicted of assault and “business obstruction”. That’s almost as disgusting as the harpooning of whales for “research” purposes.

Peter Bethune was entitled to serve citizen’s arrest papers on the captain of the Japanese vessel that sank the Ady Gil. This is what he was doing when he was detained and transported back to Japan. [Sea Shepherd]

Sign the online petition calling for Peter Bethune to be released.

9 Responses to Free Peter Bethune – stop whaling too

  1. Josh says:

    I doubt whether the ‘Smiling Assassin’ would do anything brave if the Chinese imprisoned a Kiwi. He would if it was someone smaller to bully, like Fiji, which wouldn’t represent a big trade risk. Then he’d come out guns blazing, looking like a heroic sheriff from the wild west. But because a one dimensional economic calculation is the basis for all his decision making, Mr Key will won’t put on his hero hat for Peter Bethune.

  2. Cnr Joe says:

    hero hat? ‘Pin the policy on the Jonkey’ has a hero hat? Some sort of feather boa-ry fascinator?

  3. helen says:

    John Key and national are a despicable bunch of money grubbing, brown nosing, morally corrupt, ethically bankrupt, environment destroying prats. If they had ever voiced commercial whaling as an option they would have lost the election.

    I would hope NZers would get of their fat asses to support Peter Bethune and protest but apathy seems to be our national pastime these days. Shame!

  4. Mitch says:

    Peter Bethune should serve the full 15 years for piracy. He and his militant group have crossed the line into battle. Next season armed defense of the Japanese ships is warranted, and the sinking of Sea Sheppard ships is justified. I have no sympathy for these pirates.

  5. dabluefin says:

    good luck serving your 15-year sentence, pete. citizen’s arrest my ass, he crossed the line when he intruded that japanese ship.

  6. bjd says:

    Guy’s a racist, flag of the organisation is a modified pirate flag. This was putting hard working, low paid Japanese sailors at high risk. Shame! Shame! Shame!
    On top of this, the Japanese mainly hunt low risk species, and have been doing so, literally, for millennia (it was the ancestors of Bethune and his ilk who began the problem, after all, whaling for oil and not food). It is all shameful and embarassing for anyone who has watched these various “environmental” groups mauling the rights of aboriginal peoples and destroying cultures around the globe for dubious and ignorant reasons, backed by arrogance, money and power.
    Shame, shame, shame!

  7. krillbait says:

    The Japs are obviously violating International law. You can’t trust Japs. Never could. Never will. Remember Pearl Harbor? Or, how about blaming Toyota drivers for Toyotas problems. Let’s get this straight… ONLY Toyaota drivers have a problem discerning a gas pedal from a brake pedal. The International law states they can keep the whale meat IF they take a tissue sample. Soooo, they need thousands of tissue samples from multi-ton creatures??? Sounds like male bovine excretion to me. I wouldn’t board their crap ships – I’d outright sink them.

    Japs have NO honor. Never did. They’re spineless little bugs.

    [EM: I’m reluctantly leaving this comment here, but only to demonstrate why I absolutely reject this racist crap. If anti-whalers can’t get past stupid racial stereotyping and racist comments about ‘the Japs’, they will never win any argument. To crawl over Pearl Harbour etc is to give in to a redneck sentiment that is of no value to the anti-whaling cause. Racism is never OK, so Krillbait, unless you have something more useful to say you will not be welcome back here.
    Anyone else wanting to post racist crap on any topic will just be dumped in my spam bucket.]

  8. Jon Kim says:

    Wow… even after all these years, same argument that I see today. I love how Paul Watson doting lunatics always justify violence, illegal acts, and racism. It’s truly a sad display of delusion. Sorry, no international law was violated. Only Paul Watson violated laws. OK? And of course, lunatics always think they win arguments. That’s why they are lunatics to begin with. What do you say to NIH funding whale research then? Go bomb NIH science labs or torch them? Really? And if Paul Watson had guts himself, he would go back to Costa Rican waters or Norwegian waters. He won’t… because he is too damn pussy to go back. He puts others in peril and danger and he always runs away like a little pussy that he is.

  9. Artnu Mas Querade says:

    Sorry, but calling them racists could only be done by some extremely delusional people. Make up your reality all you want. Whether or not you are for, against, or neutral, it doesn’t really matter. “And of course, lunatics always think they win arguments. That’s why they are lunatics to begin with.” That statement tells us everything about you, and it should tell you a lot about how gloriously redundant and illplaced your understanding is(of everything appearantly).

    Lastly, the lucust that is humanity may live on, but hopefully not long . Maybe it learns to live in harmony… in dreams and fantasies we place our trust…….

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