Brave Italian newsreader stands up to bully boy Berlusconi

An Italian journalist has resigned from the state-run TV 1 network in a protest against editorial interference and bias in favour of disgusting Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Maria Luisa Busi

Maria Luisa Busi has more than 20 years experience but dramatically quit her newsreading post last week angrily pointing the finger at her boss Augusto Minzolini. Busi said that Minzolini had consistently slanted TV1’s news coverage to favour Berlusconi and had actively prevented reporting of Berlusconi’s many crimes and sexual indiscretions.

Berlusconi is the Italian Rupert Murdoch (on steroids). Not only does he have political control of TV1 he also owns massive chunks of the rest of Italy’s print and broadcast minister.

Both Minzolini and Berlusconi are under investigation for corruption.

The Independent has the full story.

EM extends a warm hand of congratulations to Ms Busi for standing up and walking out for strong principled reasons. I’d like to suggest that her colleagues at RAI should follow suit.

5 Responses to Brave Italian newsreader stands up to bully boy Berlusconi

  1. Susan Scalise says:

    good on her…what a hero

  2. Medusa says:

    Just hope she doesn’t mysteriously go missing for standing on her principles. Here, here to Maria!

    Imagine if all TV journalists acted on their own strong principles, defying their influential bosses like Maria has, there probably wouldn’t be anyone left to read the news…

  3. decker says:

    She is sadly missed because she is one of the best news readers in the world. Lilli Gruber was the other news reader who also quit because of Silvio.

    Italy has been deprived of two good journalists.

    Gruber is one of the best, including going into combat zones and military hot-spots.

    Maria Luisa should not have a problem finding an equally good career where she does not have to live in lies to suit Silvio.

  4. peter bayly says:

    Maria,you’re sadly missed by me here in adelaide,but you quitting your job on a matter of principle is truly admired. you present the news with zest and have the greatest smile; you come across on tv as being very feminine. I know you’ll be snapped up (if you haven’t already been) by another network. i wish you all the very best for the future, maria. peter bayly. bye bye

  5. contoh ciri ciri gejala sipilis

    Brave Italian newsreader stands up to bully boy Berlusconi | Ethical Martini

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