News 2.0: Can journalism survive the Internet? Reviews so far

Some reviews of News 2.0.
For the record

This is an excellent book, a must-read for every journalism student, tutor, journalist, media manager and academic media-watcher.

Newzwire Jim Tucker

Hirst is undoubtedly the right person to tackle the job, having previously co-authored Journalism Ethics and Communications and New Media and here all that expertise is used to illuminate the precarious state of journalism in the digital age.

Artshub Matt Millikan

Hirst suggests one of the main reasons people turn online for their news is a mistrust of mainstream media by the public. Overall, the book was an interesting read.

The Fringe Magazine Scott Wilson

And the first…Alan Knight, professor of journalism at UTS, Sydney

Mainstream  journalism has failed the public interest, reckons author, Martin Hirst.  Citizen journalism is too feeble to provide a viable alternative. The future looks grim.

Fortunately,  Dr Hirst believes that pessimism of the intellect should be coupled with optimism of the will.




2 Responses to News 2.0: Can journalism survive the Internet? Reviews so far

  1. mooksool says:

    Congratulations Martin,
    Sounds like an excellent addition to the ongoing ‘conversation’. Having been one of your students, the thing that impressed (frustrated) me most was that I left your classes with way more questions than I began with. That and the self reflection you encouraged about the nature of the process and industry as a whole…not the ‘what am I doing’ but lots of ‘why and how am I doing it?’
    Great stuff – thanks a lot.

  2. Medusa says:

    Excellent outcome Professor! Hopefully these positive comments are a good indication of the success of your very drawn out efforts on an ever-changing topic.

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