Seeking journalist who wants a share of $12.5 million USD

I am totally conflicted — the reporter in me wants to get to the bottom of the story, but what to do about the millions of dollars on offer? How should I respond to this genuine offer?

Good Day sir.

Please i ask for your help sir as a journalist. my name is sandra brown am 18 years old of age, my daddy Jaffer brown was a journalist and a reporter, where from Cambodia but lived in ivory coast, my daddy was Strange to Death with my mummy by gbagbo’s army because of a story he recorded,i was also rep and abuse by them thinking that i was death too, God come to my rescue by the U.S. Army on peacekeeping mission,i spent one week in the hospital but now am living with an old woman who also lost his family during this crisis.  Before my daddy died he told me about this record covering Sexual Abuse of two 11 year girls by gbagbo which one of the girls are death and one is alive ready to tell her stories.  Last week i went for a search in our house and discovered a box hidden in my mummies kitchen that contain all my daddy’s report stories and a deposit certificate of his life savings of $12.5 million, which he deposited in one of the bank in ghana because of the crisis, there i find the contact of my daddy’s banker in ghana Mr Kodjo Adu,i called him on Friday, after tell him all the stories, he advice me to quickly contact any of my daddy’s relative or friend who will take custody of me and he will help so that the bank will relies the fund.  Please sir i need your help as a journalist on my stories and my fund too,because i wish to travel out from here and tell the whole world my stories.  God bless you as you honor my mail.

Sandra Brown

One Response to Seeking journalist who wants a share of $12.5 million USD

  1. David Cameron says:

    Sorry martin, but this is clearly a scam. To ensure your account hasn’t been hacked, please forward me your online banking details and I will check that your security hasn’t been compromised.

    [thanks David, it’s what the nice man on the phone from Tel Aviv said too]

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